Heathcliffe x Saphira

UPDATE 4/22/15:  After a whelping mishap, we ended up with one red boy, born 3/23/15.  What we lack in numbers, we are making up for in cuteness.  This is Kaleidoscope Red Dragon, aka Thorn.  Since one puppy isn’t a fair evaluation of a breeding, I will repeat it this fall.

A Thorn among roses.  Pardon the crappy cell phone quality, or lack thereof.

A Thorn among roses. Pardon the crappy cell phone quality, or lack thereof.


UPDATE 2/19/15:  Ultrasound yesterday confirmed that Saphira is expecting!  Puppies are due sometime the week of March 23, 2015.  Stay tuned!


They say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  My first attempt at breeding Saphira didn’t pan out, and I made plans to try, try again with CH Coedwig’s Winbuck Firefly.

BUT.  Plans can change.

I have long lamented the fact that I couldn’t breed Whiskey and Saphira together, for they compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses well.  How fortunate, then, that I kept a male out of Whiskey’s first litter.

So:  In January 2015, Saphira will be bred to my home-boy, Heathcliffe.


Heathcliffe at 8 months of age

Heathcliffe at 8 months of age. I know, I know, I need to get a more recent stacked photo. What else is new?


Saphira at 2 years old

Saphira at 2 years old

Litter pedigree available here.

Heathcliffe holds the record for quickest Championship finish amongst my dogs at just 8 shows, finishing at the tender age of 10 months.  I was doubly thrilled to finish him so quickly, considering that it was entirely out of the bred-by class.  (All except for the 2014 CWCCA National; he was entered in the 6-9 Puppy class there, and came away with a Third place ribbon out of a class of 22.)

Heathcliffe is DM Clear, PRA Clear, Fluff Clear, and Pink Clear.  Hips are pending.  Saphira is OFA Fair and is At Risk for DM.  That means that all puppies will carrie the DM gene, but none will be at risk for it.  Brindle and red puppies are expected, with a 50/50 shot at some black and/or tri puppies.

If you were already on my puppy list, I have automatically moved you forward to the list for this litter.  If you do not want a puppy from this breeding and would like to be removed from the list, please let me know.

And, if you are NOT already on my list, but might be interested in this breeding, please send me an email and we’ll get to know each other!

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