Heathcliffe x Saphira, Version 2.0

Update:  All puppies have moved on to their new homes with the exception of Rain, who will be staying at Kaleidoscope.

12/30/15 UPDATE:  We have arrived!  Four lovely young ladies, born via c-section.

group shot birthday

12/2/15 UPDATE:  I didn’t do an ultrasound, but since I’m convinced that I can see Saphira’s girth expanding, I’m going to call it and say she is pregnant.  I’ll plan to x-ray a few days before Christmas.


I said before that one doesn’t gain experience by having everything go smoothly.  “Experience” brings its share of heartaches, but I learn something new each time.  My first breeding of Heathcliffe to Saphira produced three puppies, but I listened to the vet instead of the voice in my head and let him convince me that she was not going to have puppies that night.  Saphira, unlike myself, did NOT listen to the vet, and without making ANY sound whatsoever, had two puppies after I had fallen asleep.  By the time I woke, I wasn’t unable to get them going, so we wound up with just one boy from the litter.

The good news takeaway from the experience, if there is any, is that Saphira was able to free-whelp three puppies that were each over 13.5 ounces, despite my worries that she was small.  I guess she really didn’t want that planned c-section!

SO:  Since one puppy is not enough by which to evaluate a breeding, I will repeat it this fall.  I’m thinking Saphira will be in season in September / October.  If you were not already on my puppy list, and are interested in this litter, please email me to get the ball rolling.

Father and son

Father and son

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