Calvin x Whiskey

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that, health test results pending, Whiskey will be bred to the dashing young Calvin in June 2013!!

7/3/13 UPDATE:  Calvin’s test results are in:  DM Carrier, Fluff Carrier, Pink Clear.  No worries about pinks and/or fluffies in the litter!  Puppies will have a 50% chance of carrying DM; none will be at risk for it.  Any puppies who do not go on a spay/neuter contract or limited registration will need to be tested to see if they carry the gene.

6/19/13 UPDATE:  The test results for Whiskey just rolled in via email.  She is DM Clear, Fluff Clear, Pink carrier.  Will have Calvin’s results in a couple of weeks.  I’m pretty happy with the results!

I had originally planned to wait until January to breed Whiskey, but since the Lexi breeding did not work out for me, I decided to move it up. Also, a January litter would have put a crimp in my plans to make it to Purina Farms for the 2014 Cardigan Welsh Corgi National; this way, I will (goD willing!) have a bred-by puppy to take to Missouri with me!

Litter pedigree

Calvin show photo

“Calvin” — CH Blackdales Too Hot To Handle
Bred by Kristle Dougherty (pictured) and Cheryl Black
Owned by Melanie Hersom, Kristle Dougherty and Cheryl Black

"Whiskey" -- CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many

“Whiskey” — CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many
Bred by Paula O’Donnell, Georgene Dovolis and Norma Chandler
Owned by Dawn Small

Calvin is a young dog, but I was wowed by his pretty breed type, striking silhouette, and stellar temperament.  A half-brother to Saphira, he brings with him her same lovely personality, as well as the heavier bone and beautiful head-piece that I wanted for Whiskey.  Combined with her gorgeous movement, I am very hopeful that the two will combine to produce some superlative puppies.

This will be a line-breeding on the super producer Smarty, GCH Telltail T For Two, and I am looking forward to some absolutely smashing red brindles.  And who knows?  We may sneak some reds and/or blacks in as well, depending on what both carry.

The wait list for this litter is wide open at this point.  As always, I will only take one or two show reservations, as I do not believe in selling something that is “maybe finishable” as a show prospect.  If you are interested in a show prospect, please contact me sooner rather than later.

Wait list update (5/6/13):  My show slot is filled at this point.  I have a one or two slots left for companion/performance puppies.  Please contact me soon if you are interested in this litter.

Companion and performance puppy reservations are always welcome!

Test results for both Whiskey and Calvin will be posted as they come in.

Just look at these smiles!!!!

Calvin smiling

Whis laughing

  1. Hello, My name is Joanie Laffey, from Hampden, ME. I am interested in a companion Cardigan Corgi. I had a beautiful Red and White who passed away last October. Her name was Kaillie and she was 14 years old. I prefer a female. Any color would be acceptable to me. Please add me to your waiting list. I can be reached at This litter looks to be a very exciting one!

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