Calvin x Whiskey, The Sequel

UPDATE:  On August 29th, Whiskey — after a long, rough labor — delivered two thriving baby girls.  I lost a girl and a boy; they were very large puppies, and had trouble exiting the birth canal. I was able to free the girl eventually, but was not able to revive her.  The boy was well and truly stuck, and required emergency veterinarian intervention to get him out.  He did not survive the transition.

Spring, brindle-pointed black girl, 9 days old

Spring, brindle-pointed black girl, 9 days old

Rue, brindle girl, 9 days old

Rue, brindle girl, 9 days old




Okay, okay, I know they say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but I’m going to try for it anyway!!  When Whiskey comes back in for the rest of her split heat, I will repeat the breeding to Calvin.

Calvin is a DM Carrier, Fluff Carrier, Pink Clear.  Whiskey is DM Clear, Fluff Clear, Pink carrier.  I tested three of the four puppies in the first litter for DM — two were clear, one was a carrier.  None will be At Risk as Whiskey is clear.  I have also tested Heathcliffe for Fluff and Pink, and I am happy to report that he is clear for all three.

I can’t pinpoint the timing of this litter as Whiskey could literally come into season any time, but will update once she is.  I really could not be more pleased with the temperament I got in the first litter; I am crossing my fingers terribly hard for a girl to keep this time around.

If you were on my puppy list previously, you still are unless you have indicated to me that you would like to be removed.  If you are not on my list but are interested, please send me an email and we’ll see what we can do!

UPDATE (6/26/14):  Whiskey came into season on the 19th.  If we are successful in making puppies then the litter will be born Labor Day weekend.

Litter pedigree

Calvin show photo

“Calvin” — CH Blackdales Too Hot To Handle
Bred by Kristle Dougherty (pictured) and Cheryl Black
Owned by Melanie Hersom, Kristle Dougherty and Cheryl Black

"Whiskey" -- CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many

“Whiskey” — CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many
Bred by Paula O’Donnell, Georgene Dovolis and Norma Chandler
Owned by Dawn Small


Calvin smiling

Whis laughing

  1. Helllooooooo
    Love love love my cardigan and am looking to add a pup to my aging pack of 3. I have 2 pems and 1 cardi aged 10-12 years. I have raised them from puppyhood. I work for a veterinary practice group in Saratoga springs ny. The pups are well cared for. I have a home with fenced in yard. I love my dogs and could provide references from my prior breeder who has sadly hung up her leash. I would like to add a pup within the next 2-12 months. Thank you for your consideration.

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