4/19/18:  Pages shifted around, some dogs now under “Retired,” new pages added for the younger crowd.

1/14/18:  The Roadies are here!


11/20/18:  Rain has (finally!!!!) been bred to Adam.  If it takes, there will be babies mid-January.  Stay tuned!!

7/19/18:  I, like, added a page (and a dog!) and stuff?  Cuteness warning!  😉

6/18/18:  Wow, I suck at updating this website!!!!  Long story short:  Heathcliffe finished his Grand Championship at the Thanksgiving shows in West Springfield last November.  Rain finished her championship there in April, and will be bred this summer.


11/28/16:  I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  Rain began her show career in July.  As of Saturday, 11/26, she has accumulated 6 points toward her Championship.

5/25/16:  If you, like I, were anxiously awaiting news of the Whiskey x Adam litter, you may have noted with some dismay that the page for that litter has disappeared.  That’s because, after two wonky heat seasons, I’m thinking Whiskey may be trying to tell me that she is done with motherhood.  Believe me, no one is more disappointed than I am.  😦


12/30/15:  Saphira had four little Favorite Things via c-section, all girls!  Two brindle and two red.

12/1/15:  I opted not to ultrasound Saphira because I’m pretty sure she is pregnant.  Look for good news between Christmas and New Year’s!

11/20/15:  Heathcliffe was Select Dog at the South Windsor Kennel Club show in West Springfield, MA, for a 5 point Grand major.  That puts him at 17 points, 3 majors.

7/13/15:  We attended four lovely shows in scenic Tunbridge, VT over the weekend.  Miss Rue was Reserve on Friday at the supported entry, and WB on Saturday for her first conformation point.  On Sunday, Heathcliffe was Select Dog for a couple more GCH point.

6/21/15:  Heathcliffe went BOS Friday and Saturday, and BOB on Sunday at the shows in Cumberland, ME, for a total of 8 Grand Championship points over the weekend.

4/19/15:  Whiskey went Best of Breed at the South Windsor Kennel Club show in W. Springfield, MA, under Judge William Usherwood for a 5-point major toward her Grand Championship.  Not too shabby for a gal who hasn’t been in the show ring since September of 2012.

2/18/15:  Just confirmed:  Saphira is pregnant!  Puppies due sometime the week of March 23rd.


9/12/14:  Damn, I keep forgetting to update this page.  Not going to reconstruct the year now, but Heathcliffe finished his championship in just 8 shows, at the age of 10 months.  Mina went to her first shows over Labor Day weekend, and went WB at 3 of the 4 shows, earning her first four points.  Whiskey had her second litter, two big strapping daughters. AND, I put up a new litter announcement for Saphira.  Whew!


10/21/13 Pending AKC confirmation, Magnum is now Grand Champion Blacksheep Smoking Gun.  He went Best of Breed at a big supported entry on 10/19/21 to complete the title.  Heathcliffe’s dad, Calvin, earned his Grand Championship the very next day by going Best of Breed.  And finally, my client dog, Rough Collie Mandalay Gateside A Ransom in Gold, aka “Cannon,” was WD/BOW/BOB all three days to pick up his first three single points.

9/16/13:  Litter announcement!

8/17/13:  The Goths arrived, healthy and happy.  Two girls and two boys!

5/21/13:  Calvin, Whiskey’s intended, finished his championship over the weekend by earning a 5-point major at the supported entry in Scarborough, Maine!!

4/22/13:  Saphira is now CH Blackdales Saphira, finishing her Championship with a third major and earning her first Grand CH major the very next day.

4/1/13:  Litter announcement:  Calvin x Whiskey.  Check out their page!

1/13/13:  Lexi has arrived!!  She’ll be spending the next two to three pre-season months getting adjusted here before being bred.  She may even get out to a show or two to strut her stuff.

1/7/13:  Saphira had a GREAT weekend at the shows in Fitchburg, MA.  She was WB/BOS on Saturday for a 4-point major under judge David Bolus; and WB/BOW/BOS on Sunday under H. Scott Kellogg for another 4 points.  Pretty snazzy for an 8-month old puppy.


11/27/12:  Magnum was Select Dog at the W. Springfield shows Thursday through Saturday, adding 3 more Grand Champion points and bringing his total to 22.  Saphira only competed on Saturday and Sunday, but she was Best of Winners on Saturday and Winner’s Bitch on Sunday, earning her first 4 Champion points.

11/14/12 :  Summer 2013 litter announced.  

11/10/12:  The Red Thing made her show ring debut in Fitchburg, MA under judge Minaa-Liisa Koltes and took a major Reserve to her littermate.  Not bad for her first time out!

10/21/12:  Magnum went Select Dog in W. Springfield under judge David Kirkland out of a huge Cardigan entry to pick up his third Grand Champion major, this one a 5-pointer.  He needs 7 more singles for his Grand.

10/20/12:  Ian came out of retirement to try and pick up those last two pesky points in W. Springfield, MA.  He picked up one of them under judge Michael Lanctot.  Down to one lousy single!

8/26/12:  Not wanting to be upstaged by her older sibling, Whiskey went WB on Thursday and Friday, then BOB over Specials (including Magnum) on Saturday to finish her Championship at just 11 months of age.  Now it’s home to grow up a little and maybe work on some obedience before going back out as a Special.

8/26/12:  Magnum tucked another BOB under his belt under judge Cathy Daugherty at the Newtown Kennel Club in W. Springfield, MA, on 8/23/12 for another couple of Grand points.  He went Select Dog on Friday and Saturday, and Best Op on Sunday.  After the weekend, he sits at a total of 14 GCH points.

7/1/12:  Whiskey followed up her wins in Cumberland by going WB both Saturday and Sunday in Wrentham, MA, under Jean Fournier and Thomas Davies, for another 3-point major and a 2-point win.  That’s 11 points in just 2 weekends — Woo hoo!!

6/23/12:  Whiskey went WB at two of the three shows we entered at Cumberland, Maine, first under Mrs. Robert Forsyth, then under Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, for two 3-point majors.  So, both out of the way!

5/29/12:  Lots of photos of the Magnum x Eva babies posted on the Blog page today.  Check ’em out!

5/19/12:  Whiskey was Reserve WB at the Vacationland dog show in Scarborough, ME, out of a very nice entry.  That’s her second Reserve in a total of three shows in the 6-9 month class.

4/28/12:  The Magnum-Eva puppies are here!  Eva made fairly quick work of it once the first puppy came out, and ended with a total of five:  2 black girls, 2 black boys, and 1 blue merle girl.  Seems Magnum is stingy with the blues, just like his mom!

4/9/12:  Magnum earned 2 more points toward his GCH at the Troy Kennel Club show on 4/7/12 under Judge Janina Laurins.  Whiskey had her first show experience at the same show, and earned a Reserve her first time out.

4/3/12:  Sarah reports that Miss Eva is indeed pregnant.  She will confirm number via x-ray in a couple of weeks, and pups should be arriving sometime at the end of the month.

3/1/12:  Magnum was bred to Notz Breath of Snow and Ashes (“Eva”). Puppies, if the breeding was successful, will be due at the end of April/first of May.

2/4/2012:  Magnum was Select Dog for his second Grand Championship major (4 points) at the Great Barrington Kennel Club show in West Springfield, MA, under judge Edeltraud Laurin.

1/16/2012:  Magnum followed up his championship win with his first outing as a Special, and went BOB for a 5-point major toward his Grand Championship.  Judge was Dr. Ruby Hertz.

1/15/2012:  At the Merrimack Valley Kennel Club shows in Fitchburg, MA, Magnum went Best of Breed over 6 Specials for a 5-point major to complete his AKC Championship in style!  Judge was Beth Speich.


11/27/2011:  Magnum went Best Of Winners at the Springfield Kennel Club Show in West Springfield, MA, for a 3-point major (his third).  Judge was Carolyn Herbel.

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