Saphira (AKA “The Red Thing”)


Saphira at 2 years old

Saphira at 2 years old

CH Blackdales Saphira

GCH Benmore Blackdale Lord of the Dance x Blackdales Cowgirls Don’t Cry
DOB 04/30/2012     Bred by:  Cheryl Black & Dottie DeBeck    Owned by:  Dawn Small and Cheryl Black

UPDATE:  After producing a nice litter of girls with Heathcliffe, Saphira has moved to the Bay State to live with Moose and the Lagmans.  She will finally get to use that expansive brain of hers for good instead of evil!  Look for her in an agility and/or obedience ring near you!


You know how, sometimes, you have no intention of getting another dog — especially a red one — and yet you somehow inexplicably end up doing just that?

Yeah.  So, that happened.

Saphira came to Maine from Cheryl Black in Vermont for what was supposed to be a little vacation, but The Thing was just so sweet and charming that I ended up wanting to keep her, and Cheryl very generously allowed me co-own her.  She took a major Reserve at her first show — second only to her litter sister — and burned through her Championship points quickly thereafter.  In just ten shows, she picked up 4 singles, two 4-point majors and a 3-point major, finishing her Championship at under a year old.

The reason?  In addition to being a lovely, lovely bitch, Saphira has charisma IN SPADES.  She is a natural showgirl, and the combination of beautiful conformation and a winning attitude is a heady one.  Words cannot express how happy I am that this particular Red Thing found her way into my life.  Her future is even brighter than her pretty red coat.  I still don’t know exactly how she ended up here, but I’m so, so glad she did!

8 and a half months

show cropped

Saphira with littermates Bowen and Carrigan



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