Rain show pic

CH Kaleidoscope Windy Moor x CH Blackdales Saphira


Kaleidoscope Raindrops On Roses

DOB 12/30/2015      Bred by: Dawn Small and Cheryl Black
DM Carrier, Fluff Carrier, Pink Clear

My keeper from the Favorite Things litter, Rain is a little tempest in a teacup.  With her mother’s whip-smart brain and her grandmother Whiskey’s propensity to want to run the world, this girl is either going to be the best thing I ever breed, or the death of me! The first picture below is from June 2016, I believe. The movement shots below are from the 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy class at the CWCCA National in Gray Summit, MO on May 12, 2016; Rain was just 4 months and two weeks old there.  If she lives up to her early promise, she’s going to be one nice little show dog.

6 months

national 1

national 3

national 2


Clever, energetic, and charming as hell! (Photo by Dawn Bedard-Poulin)

12 week profile

Stacked photo, 12 weeks old


Play date with sister Mara (photo by Dawn Bedard-Poulin)


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