CH Pecan Valley Draco x CH Pecan Valley A Blue Clue

GCH Blacksheep Smoking Gun

DOB 01/22/2010     Bred by: Joanna Kimball, Blacksheep Cardigans   PRA Clear, DM Clear

Immediately following my discovery of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi came the realization that they came in blue merle, a color I have always loved in Shelties, Collies, Aussies, etc.   So when Joanna announced that her blue bitch, Clue, would be having a litter, I fell all over myself getting to the laptop so I could email her to be placed on The List for a blue girl.  As fate would have it, Clue did not see fit to provide the world with a blue daughter.  She did have some lovely blue boys however, and after some careful consideration for all of about 0.00326 seconds, I opted to take a male.  I mean, who could resist THIS?

If Elli is a tempest, Magnum is a Category 5 hurricane.   I don’t think I have ever met a dog with more personality, and a charming one at that.  Supremely energetic and stunningly athletic, Magnum seems to defy gravity as he does a sideways vertical leap onto the sofa, dives off the back of it, snags a toy and then laughs, delighted with the joke he just told.  Never camera shy, he is jokingly referred to as “Zoolander” around the house because he is always ready for his close-up (early conditioning with the extremely talented photographer Joanna, no doubt).  First to play, first to fling himself into your lap, and always a danger with that long tongue and the “stealth frenching,” I can’t imagine my house without my completely ridiculous blue boy.  I’m sure it would be quieter, but infinitely more boring!

Magnum earned his first major at his first show, just a couple weeks past his 6-month birthday.  A free-stacking fool, he defies everyone both inside and outside of the ring to not look at him.  He finished his Championship on 1/15/12, a week shy of his 2nd birthday, and he did it in style — with a BOB over 6 Specials for a 5-point win, bringing his total to 16 points, including 4 majors.

Building on this momentum, Magnum competed as a Special the very next day, and took Best of Breed for a 5-point major toward his Grand Championship.  He has since picked up three more majors, earning his Grand Championship on 10/19/13 with a Best of Breed at a huge supported entry in W. Springfield, MA, under judge Thora Brown.

UPDATE April 2019:  Other than occasional appearances in the Veteran’s ring, Magnum now resides with my mom and keeps her out of trouble.


Bad dog! Get DOWN from there!

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