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Woodrose Covert Ops

DOB 10/20/2008     Bred by:  Karen Lyons, Woodrose Kennel

Elli came to me in December 2008, just one year after her older brother.  Between the harrowing drive to Virginia to pick her up — complete with ice storm — and the fact that Karen’s litter name for her was “Bad One,” I should have had some idea of what a tempest in a teapot she would be.

I purchased Elli with the idea that she would be my foundation bitch.  After much waffling and some not-so-successful showing, however, I opted not to go there with her.  A moderate bitch, she has no heinous faults but no blinding conformational virtues either.

Though she may not have been what I was looking for in the show ring, I could not ask for a better performance dog.  Fast as lightning and able to turn on a dime, she is amazing on the agility course, and the fact that she doesn’t already have a string of agility titles behind her name has nothing to do with her and everything to do with me.  Now that she is spayed, however, I’m thinking of taking my trainer up on his offer to trial her for me, because it is a crime for this girl NOT to be competing.

Elli will debut in the obedience ring this spring/summer.

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