Rue in snow

Kaleidoscope Rue La La

Owned and Loved by Dave and Mamie Wytrwal

It’s no secret, I am kicking myself to the curb and all the way around the block for letting this pretty girl get away from me.  After the difficult time Whiskey had whelping her second litter, I made some snap decisions when I was not in the proper emotional space to do so.

Still, the Universe knows best, and Rue is enjoying a charmed life as The Pretty Princess Of All She Surveys.  I loved the Wytrwal’s as soon as I met them, and when I thought I only had one puppy to offer from the litter, I knew I wanted her to go to them.  Mamie later admitted that, though she hadn’t specified a particular sex or color, her hope was that she would get a brindle girl.  See?  It all works out.

Sharing Rue’s domain is her Pembroke older brother, Valentino.  One hopes she is treating her subjects kindly.

"Why, mom?  Why did you bring this young upstart home?"

“Why, mom? Why did you bring this young upstart home?”

“All She Surveys” includes some beautiful landscaping, which Rue began to enjoy right away during the pretty New England fall.

rue in fall leaves

This place "rocks!"

This place “rocks!”

Though New England falls eventually degenerate into New England winters, Rue is not deterred.

"I'll just prune these branches a bit."

“I’ll just prune these branches a bit.”

Though a warm fire is certainly nice after some time out in the elements.

Rue by the fire

I covet this fireplace. After seeing Rue’s home, I’ve decided that my puppy contract shall hereby stipulate that the buyer must adopt ME along with their puppy.


Despite my colossal oversight in letting this one slip away, I’m thrilled that Dave and Mamie are nevertheless letting me play show-dog with Rue.  Look for us in the ring Summer 2015!


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