GCH Blackdales Too Hot To Handle x CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many

GCH Blackdales Too Hot To Handle x CH Telltail Baewyn One Too Many

CH Kaleidoscope Windy Moor

DOB 08/17/2013     Bred by: Dawn Small, Kaleidoscope Cardigans   DM Clear, Fluff Clear, Pink Clear, PRA Clear

Though I originally had no intention of keeping another male, Heathcliffe wormed his way into my heart early on, and the fantastic feedback I received on him at the puppy evaluations sealed the deal.

Basically, everything I wanted from this particular breeding I got in this puppy (except for a uterus).  Calvin improved on Whiskey’s head and muzzle and added more bone; Whiskey reproduced her nice upper arm and shoulder, and her length of ribbing.  As if all that weren’t enough, Heathcliffe is already demonstrating his mom’s intelligence, tempered by his dad’s good nature.

Heathcliffe made his ring debut, along with his sister Amelia (formerly Rain), on 4/4/14 at the age of 7 months.  Amelia was Winners Bitch, and Heathcliffe was Winners Dog and Best of Winners.  Heathcliffe followed up by going BOW again the following day for a 3-point major.  Not a bad start at all!!

UPDATE:  At the tender age of 10 months, Heathcliffe finished his AKC Championship in just 8 shows, going Best of Winners 5 times, Winners Dog once, and Reserve the other two, all from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  Now he gets to take some time to grow up before returning to the ring as a Special.

UPDATE 12/1/15:  Heathcliffe has 17 points, including all three majors, toward his AKC Grand Championship.  He is sire to Caboose, under Kaleidoscope Dogs in the World, and he and Saphira are expecting a follow-up litter between Christmas and New Year’s.

UPDATE 12/30/15:  Heathcliffe has four little girls!

UPDATE 11/30/17:  Heathcliffe earned his GCH!

eval photo


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