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You Snooze, You Lose

Okay, no one came beating my door down when I posted Journey as available, and I really loved what I saw yesterday, watching her move while we were out for a nice long walk, so ya snooze, ya lose, folks!!!  She’s staying.  I will need to find something for her to do so she can use her powers for good instead of evil!

I may have an adult coming available in the near future, so if you don’t want to do the puppy thing, but feel like you need a(nother) Cardi in your life, give me a shout.


A little housekeeping, a little updating…

In looking at different breeder websites, I was annoyed to see so many that were woefully out of date.  And then I thought about my own poor neglected site, called myself a hypocrite, hung my head in shame, and came here to do some (long overdue) updating.

I decided at this point that it made sense to divide my own dogs into “Retired” and “Currently Showing/Breeding” categories, so that is now accomplished.  And since I kinda, like, went from 4 to 7 (Seriously? Seven dogs?!  WTF?!) in the span of about ten weeks, some new pages were in order.  Hope, Journey, and Maya now have pages of their own.

Given how ridiculously attached I already am to Maya, I suspect I will need to remove the parentheses from “and Dachshunds” at some point in the near future, but since it will be at least a couple of years before I have a Dachshund litter in-house, they can stay.  For now.  😉

fun at mels

Pupdate 1/31/19


Due to changing circumstances for a couple of folks, I have two boys and a girl available as of right now.  If interested, please drop me an email.  I am really liking all three of my girls, so there could potentially be a show girl available to the right home.

Lucky Sevens

Not to be outdone, Mina gave birth to her third and final litter on January 15th, just three days after Rain, and she ALSO had seven!!  5 girls and 2 boys.  The puppies are once again being raised by Mina’s co-owner and breeder Jeani McKenney.  THIS time, when Mina comes home, one of her children will be coming with her.


mina's third litter landscape


Pupdate 1/17/19

Rain's boys.jpg

As of 1/17/19, Rain’s girls are spoken for, but these three adorable boys are still available.  Please get in touch if you’re interested in one of these sweet, comical little guys.

Also, I post most of my pictures and videos over on Facebook because they make uploading so very easy.  Drop me a friend request to see all the goings on.

Meet the Roadies

group shot

The Roadies:  CH Sunkissed Moves Like Jagger x CH Kaleidoscope Raindrops On Roses

Introducing the Road Trip litter, so named for all the traveling I did the week Rain came into season and needed to go for her rendezvous.  Rain’s timing is always interesting!

The Roadies were born via c-section on Saturday, 1/12/19.  Intended registered names are negotiable, though I would like to stick to the road theme somewhat.  Call names are of course completely up to the new family, but I like to give them litter names rather than “puppy puppy.”  So, without further ado, here are the ladies:

Kaleidoscope Abbey Road – “Abbey”:


Kaleidoscope Road to Ruin – “Vice”


Kaleidoscope Country Roads – “Virginia”


Kaleidoscope Gypsy Road – “Carmen”


And the gentlemen:

Kaleidoscope Hit the Road – “Jack”


Kaleidoscope Electric Avenue – “Neon”


And last but not least, Kaleidoscope Yellow Brick Road – “Oz”


As of right now, I believe there may be a couple of puppies available.  Please email me if interested.



Raindrops in the forecast

babies on board


I’m about 98% sure at this point that Rain is pregnant.  Cue huge happy dance!  Y’all be thankful I’m not posting video of that.  It ain’t pretty!

Puppies are due somewhere in the neighborhood of January 11th, give or take.  Depending on litter size I may still have some availability, so if interested please drop me an email.  Reds and brindles expected, with the possibility of fluffies.  Stay tuned!


Calling All Enquirers! (except, you know, the National Enquirer…)

Although I have a (mostly) working computer at home, I’m in front of one all day at the office and, as such, I tend not to use the home computer very often.  However, the Gods of I.T. have decreed that we cannot access personal email accounts at work.  No problem, right?  We all have smart phones, we can check our email on those.  Right?  RIGHT?

EXCEPT when your “smart” phone inexplicably decides to sort incoming mail into a weird little side folder.  AAACK!!!  I am suddenly finding a TON of emails on my phone from MONTHS AGO that were squirreled away in the nether regions of the interwebz.  I don’t even know how that happened!  #TechChallenged.

If you emailed me like four-score and seven years ago, and I never replied, I am SO SORRY.  I started replying to a few emails and then just kept finding more and more and now I can’t even tell who I’ve answered and who I haven’t…

*deep breath*

SO.  If you are one of the many folks I’ve been heinously rude to by not answering, PLEASE reach out to me again — especially if you were inquiring about puppies, since I did a breeding two weeks ago and am building my list for this litter.  I’ll fire up the dinosaur at home and answer, I promise!!

The Waiting Game once more

Rain FINALLY came into season and was bred to Adam last week.  If it takes, there will be red and brindle puppies ’round these parts come January.  Fingers (and every other body part) crossed!!!

It’s a woman’s prerogative…

…to change her mind.

Although I previously announced that Rain would be bred to Ross, and Ross is a lovely dog, I have decided for Rain’s first litter to breed her to “Adam,” CH Sunkissed Moves Like Jagger, instead.  Having had two Adam kids in my home, I know what great temperaments and breed type they have.  Because he is a coat carrier, I may well have some fluffies in this litter, but I’m willing to take that chance.  What’s a little hair, right?  😉

Stay tuned!!