I have often remarked with other Cardigan breeders on the variety of looks and styles within this breed.  Even a single dog can sport a myriad of different looks as it grows and develops and changes, much as the colors and patterns change with a single turn of a kaleidoscope.  Hence, my kennel name.

Kaleidoscope is a small hobby kennel-without-a-kennel located in Warren, Maine.  It started innocuously enough; when we purchased a house after a decade of renting and not being allowed pets, I set out to re-enter the wonderful world of dog shows.  Having grown up next to an obedience ring, and having dabbled in conformation shortly out of college, my first visit ringside in years was like a homecoming.  I originally planned on a Pembroke puppy, but fate stepped in with other plans.  While Googling “Corgi” one night, I came across a single photo of Ian, and forever altered the course of my dog life.

Cardigans are funny, clever, thinking dogs.  They know how to work, and they excel at play.  They can herd sheep and cattle, tear up an agility course, and liven up an obedience ring.  Cardigans track, play flyball, some even entertain illusions of dock-diving.  They are therapy dogs, family pets, and constant companions.  They kiss tears and tell terrific jokes.  They live well and love deep — and who doesn’t need more of that?

Sometime around Cardigan No. 5, I got it into my head that maybe I should have a second breed too.  With a similar front-end assembly and common progenitors, the Dachshund seemed like a natural fit.  I had long admired the looks of a nice, show quality Longhair, and I found what I was looking for in Jeani McKenney’s dogs.  She started me along the hound trail with Mina.

Kaleidoscope’s goal is to produce Cardigans and Dachshunds with form for the conformation ring, who can also function in any and all of these activities that will enrich their lives — and yours.  If you are interested in a Kaleidoscope dog, please contact me.

Christmas 2011

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