NOT the same thing!!!

Hello all,

It has come to my attention that someone by the name of Lexie Myers Buchanan is advertising blue merle “Pembrooks” (insert eye-roll here) in various online corgi groups, and referring folks her to Facebook page titled “Kaleidoscope Corgis.”


I just want to make sure everyone knows that I am not associated in any way with this person, and I categorically oppose the whole blue merle Pembroke-mix craze that certain unsavory elements are profiting from.  Trust me, I make WAY less money than these yahoos.   >:-(


Kaleidoscope Cardigans breeds purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgis ONLY.  (Well, okay, I co-breed the occasional Longhair Dachshund litter, but those are also purebred, and from Champion parents only.)  You get the idea.



Dawn Small

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