Wow, I am sucking at this blogging thing!

Ten months between posts.  Yikes!  Bad blogger!!

We’re still here, still doing the Cardi thing.  Rain began her show career this summer and has been a little slower to start than her mom and dad, which has been a bit frustrating since I feel she is better conformation-wise than either of them.  Or maybe I just got spoiled a little after Whiskey, Saphira and Heathcliffe finished very quickly.

Rain is coming along, though; her first shows (other than a 4-6 month beginner puppy appearance at the National) were in Vermont in July, where she came home with a couple of Reserves.  In October, she went Winners Bitch 2 of 3 days in West Springfield for a couple of singles, and was Reserve the 3rd day.  And just this past weekend at the Thanksgiving Classic, she was again WB 2 of 3 days with a Reserve on the off day, bringing her total point count to 6.

Rain lacks her mother’s sparkling showmanship in the ring, so we’ll be working over the winter to build her confidence so she can go back out in the spring with a bit more pizzazz and maturity to take to the National.

In other news, Whiskey appears to be done with the child-bearing thing, so she will be spayed over the winter and, if just the right person comes along, she will be available to a retirement home.  Fair warning, though:  I’m going to be super fussy about where she goes.

Heathcliffe has fully matured and, though showing isn’t necessarily his favorite pass-time, he may come back out in the spring to see if we can finish up that Grand.  I am hoping to OFA him this winter and he will be available at stud to approved bitches.  New photos to come by this weekend if I can manage to get some during the daylight on my day off.

Mina is still supposed to be bred at some point, either by me or her breeder, Jeani McKenney.  I am hesitant only because homes for standard Dachshunds are sometimes hard to come by in the northeast, and I do not like to have litters without homes waiting.  Stay tuned, and if you or someone you know is looking for a standard longhaired Dachshund, please do get in touch!

Magnum will be eligible for Veterans classes (can you even believe it?!) as of January 22nd, and he is coming to the 2017 National!  He is the very first dog I put a Championship on, and my only Grand Champion to date, and he LOVES to show; I’m looking forward to getting back into the ring with him in Ohio.

And, last but not least, this little character happened:

This is Song (Blackdales Song Sung Blue).  Song was bred by Cheryl Black and is co-owned with her.  While Song is a fluff and will not be taking a turn in the show ring, we are hoping that she will turn out as a breeding prospect, and be the start of my long-awaited “blue line.”  View Song’s pedigree here.

Whew, I think that catches things up.  I’d better make “blogging more regularly” one of my New Year’s resolutions!


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  1. Any puppies coming

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