Making it up to my Blog: Week 1

So, it occurred to me that, though I’ve been posting (and posting… and posting) pics and vids of my Favorite Things on Facebook, not all of you actually follow me on Facebook.  (It’s the political posts, isn’t it?)  Part of the reason I tend to post there is that the mobile app makes it WAY easier to just upload, post and go than it is to put together a blog post.  But that doesn’t mean I should ignore my blog altogether.  So, let’s make up for lost time!  Here’s a compilation of the Things’ first week.  I’m afraid there will only be pictures, no videos.  It’s just too unwieldy to imbed the videos here.  Ya want vids, ya gotta deal with the political posts.  😉


Newly arrived home, and ready for a meal.


Actually, the first couple of weeks of life, they are pretty much ALWAYS ready for a meal. Even if they are upside down and doing a back-bend over their sister.


Snuggling is another favorite pastime.


Sometimes, snuggling looks a little like smothering. Or maybe April was snoring…


Mama has a lot of work to do those first three weeks of life, but she takes a little time to snuggle too.




…and perpendiculars.


Fat tummies…


… and baby faces.


Nose to nose…


Or cheek to cheek…


Week-old babies are precious.


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