Our “Favorite Things” have arrived!

Pardon the repeats if you also follow me on Facebook.  Heathcliffe and Saphira’s “Favorite Things” litter has arrived!  Four girls, born via c-section this morning.

Names are subject to change, but for now:  First up is April, “Kaleidoscope Melt Into Spring,” red girl number 1.

Next is Copper, “Kaleidoscope Bright Copper Kettles,” red girl number 2.

Third is Luna, “Kaleidoscope Moon On Their Wings,” brindle girl number 1.

And last but not least is Rain (yes, I’m repeating the name, because I like it, and the first one didn’t stick.  Sue me.)  “Kaleidoscope Raindrops On Roses,” second brindle girl.


If you were hoping for a boy from this litter, um, sorry?  Although as a breeder, I can never be TOO sorry about a whole litter of girls.  Good boy, Heathcliffe.

Stay tuned for many more adventures of our Favorite Things!


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  1. Congrats on the lovely litter, no doubt there will be four happy families soon. 🙂

  2. Donna Attenborough

    They are precious! I can’ t wait to visit! Donna

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