Some new pages

Now that I’m a year and a half into this thrilling, rewarding, terrifying thing called Being a Dog Breeder, I decided to make individual pages for some of the Kaleidoscope puppies who left home and went out into the wide world to be ambassadors for their breed in particular, and for well-raised, well-bred, purebred dogs in general.  In putting those pages together, it struck me anew what an honor — what a privilege — it is to bring these little souls into the world; to love them, to nourish them, to give them a solid foundation and the best tools to build a full and fulfilling life…

…and to then put them into the hands of someone who will cherish and nurture that little being for the length of that life.  I watch the relationships grow and deepen through snapshots posted and emailed, through stories told and laughed over, and I am so utterly awed and humbled to be a part of it.

This is What It’s All About, folks.  It’s not the wins, it’s not the ribbons.  It’s not the titles accumulated nor the rankings earned.  It’s this bright little soul that becomes part of another soul, and makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts could ever, ever be.


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  1. . . . and you’re sure it isn’t the oodles of money that us breeders make?

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