Well, poop.

So, despite looking like THIS:

Whiskey barrel

Whiskey is once again only going to grace me with four puppies.  Cue hand-wringing and an impersonation of Nancy Kerrigan’s infamous “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!”

And to put an exclamation point on the punchline, Saphira is most definitely not pregnant.  The Universe clearly hates me.

SO.  If you are on my list and anxiously awaiting a puppy, I will know more once Whiskey gives birth some time this weekend.  There are some folks who want a particular gender, so depending on what we have, I may be moving down the list.  By next week sometime, I’ll be emailing everyone to let you know if I am going to have a puppy for you this go-around.  If I do not, I can try to refer you to someone else, or I can move you onto the list for the next litter.

And what IS the next litter, Dawn?

I can’t announce a stud dog until all arrangements have been made and firmed up, but I will breed Saphira on her next heat, which should be in the December/January time frame.  Once the arrangements are set, I’ll make the announcement and put up a litter page.

I know there will be several of you who are disappointed.  Believe me, I’M disappointed too.  But it’s part and parcel when you’re dealing with the vicissitudes of Mother Nature.

**returning to my fetal position now**


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  1. So Sorry to hear about Saphira. At least Whiskey will have puppies. 😦

  2. Hi Dawn! I’m glad to hear that Whiskey will be giving you four puppies. I am going to hold off on a puppy indefinitely at this point. I’ll have my puppy day but not until my beloved cat is no longer with us. She is simply too intolerant of anything, or anyone, other than me.

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