Six-month photos

Amelia came down to the house yesterday to beat up on her brother and get her picture taken (and beat up on her brother some more).  They’re just half-grown youngsters, but I like what I see so far!

Amelia profile

Amelia profile

Amelia front

Amelia front

Amelia is kind of a little peanut at only 21 pounds right now, but she has lots of time to grow some more.  Despite her overall size, I really like this bitch’s balance.  Very nice length of upper arm, nice rear angulation, and she inherited her mother’s pretty movement.  I hope to see her chest fill out and drop a little more, but I’m very happy with what I see right now.  (We will, however, have to work on grooming those butt curls!)

Heathcliffe profile

Heathcliffe profile

Heathcliffe front

Heathcliffe front

There’s not much I don’t like about this boy.  Sure, I can ALWAYS find some nit to pick — he has a little turnout in that left front foot, and he still has that loose puppy movement — but I think some conditioning and training will tighten his movement up (in the good way).

Both puppies will make their show ring debut in West Springfield, MA in April.  I’m looking forward to finally having something to show in the Bred by Exhibitor class!



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