Fruit of the Tree

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been Dachshund-obsessed for several months now.  When I first started thinking about adding a Longhair to the pack, I spoke with Cheryl Snedaker-Sims after watching her dogs move beautifully around the show ring.  Unfortunately, Cheryl moved out of the New England area.

However, at a subsequent show I noticed a LOVELY puppy bitch who showed the same beautiful movement I had appreciated in Cheryl’s dogs.  A glance at the catalog revealed that — lo and behold — one of Cheryl’s dogs had sired her.  That puppy was the delicious red Apple:

What is it with Apples and Temptation?

What is it with Apples and Temptation?

I made it a point to talk to her breeder-owner, Jeani McKenney, and learned that not only did she have another litter coming up, but it was a REPEAT BREEDING of the one that produced Miss Apple!!

So, now y’all know why I had to have Mina!  If she is half as lovely as her sister, I will be delighted.

This week also marked the 6-month birthday of The Goths, making them eligible to be shown in conformation.  Heathcliffe — and hopefully Amelia, if Elyse can make it — will make his debut in West Springfield at the Spring Fling shows.  That will be his only set of shows before the National, so we’re looking to cram a lot of experience into a very short amount of time.

Crappy cell phone photo grabbed from a video, but the best I could do being by myself in the house at the time:

Heathcliffe 6 months

He looks like what he is, a 6-month-old Cardi puppy.  But every day he grows a little more handsome, and I’m hoping that March will give us a little break on the weather so I can get him out for a little conditioning before he starts his show career.  We also need to go to some handling classes.  Too bad the nearest ones are a couple of hours away!


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