Westminster Goes Coo-Coo for Coco Posh!!


Wow!!!  What an amazing day for Cardi Nation!!  HUMONGOUS Congratulations to Coco’s owners, Dina Planche, and breeder-owners,  Deb Shindle, Julie & Bill Divens.  And a huge WELL DONE to handler Lois DeMers, who presented Coco beautifully.

To put this win in perspective, Cardigan Welsh Corgis have been eligible to show at Westminster since 1936.  In that time — first in the Working Group, then as part of the Herding group when it split from Working in 1983 — the best a Cardigan had previously done was a Group 4, in 2007.

Coco’s Group win is not only a wonderful win for a wonderful dog;  it is a win for our breed as well.  It shows the leaps and bounds that Cardigan breeders have made in the quality of their stock, and I believe that from this point on judges may take a more serious look at the “end of the line” when judging the Herding Group.

Of course, popularity can be a double-edged sword.  Cardigan owners have long held that Cardis are one of the best-kept secrets of the dog world, a status that has by and large kept them out of the hands of the puppy mills and backyard breeders looking to make a quick buck.  Coco’s win will likely put our Cardigans on the map, and it will be up to us breeders to be extra scrupulous in where we place our puppies.  The secret is out!!


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  1. Yes, Cardigan fame worries me also. I hope Cardigan breeders will be very careful. I don’t like what is happening to Pems due to their recent popularity explosion. Unfortunately, there are now some people breeding Cardis to Pems.

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