Pupdate: The Exodus

Yesterday was bittersweet — it was going-home day for the Goths.  We celebrated with taco soup and a graveyard Mexican dip (you know, as one does).

graveyard dip


Edgar has gone home to Westford, MA with Russ and Laura Lagman and will now be known as Moose, which has been his nickname pretty much all along.

Edgar and Lagmans


Rain went home to Levant, Maine with Elyse Bronson.  Elyse is looking forward to doing some obedience, agility, therapy work, and trying her hand in the show ring with this young lady.  No word yet on what her forever name will be, but will update y’all when I know.  I’m really looking forward to mentoring Elyse in the breed, and hopefully she’ll decide she likes this whole insane showing thing.

Elyse and Rain


Tryst will now be making her home in Portsmouth, NH, with Bruce Pruitt.  No word yet on what her forever name will be either.

Bruce and Tryst


Group pic:



And now, for the never-say-never portion of the post:  After receiving rave reviews from everyone as the evaluation party, Heathcliff will be staying here at Kaleidoscope.  I never thought I would be keeping a boy, but he is just too nice to let go of.  It doesn’t hurt AT ALL that he has been “my little dude” all along.  Look for Kaleidoscope Windy Moor in the show ring in a few months!

Heathcliff 8 weeks




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