9/7/13 Pupdate: Firsts

Today has been a big day for the Goths.  They got their first non-Mom meals today:  ground kibble/cottage cheese/goats milk for breakfast; and ground beef/bone meal/yogurt/fruit-veggie mix/sweet potato/flax and chia seeds/goats milk for mid-day; and leftovers of one or both of those for an evening meal to come.  Whiskey is unamused that I’m making her stay out of the pen.  She went in once this morning to top the puppies off and to clean them up after their first meal, and I’ll send her in with warm glasses of milk for them at bedtime, but the weaning  has begun.

The 3-week weigh-in showed the boys at a bit over three pounds; the girls are both close to three.

Another first:  Outdoors!!  It was a brief foray out into the tall grass, but the babies got their first smell and taste of the great outdoors.  More outside fun as weather permits (and assuming we get enough dry days in a row to be able to mow the lawn!

And finally, I loosed the Goths to run amok in the kitchen with their Uncle Magnum.  Whiskey was also unamused with this turn of events, but eventually a Mom has to start learning to let go.  Saphira made an appearance with the babies as well.  Elli was invited in, but really could not give the tiniest little fig about the puppies.  They will be more interesting to her when they can do a full-fledged frap.  Everyone is now completely zonked in the puppy pen.

Rain sez:  "Come here, Uncle Magnum.  I haz a secret to tell you!"

Rain sez: “Come here, Uncle Magnum. I haz a secret to tell you!”


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