9/3/13 Pupdate: Peepers!!

puppy pen

Who needs a dining room table anyway?

Sorry no pupdates for a few days.  My kennel club had their shows over Labor Day weekend in conjunction with another club, so it was four days of being crazy-busy.

The puppies were busy too:  They opened their eyes, started walking around like actual puppies (mostly kinda sorta), and they moved out to their new, deluxe puppy pen that takes up a quarter of my kitchen.

With the shows in town, I had the opportunity to show the puppies to several experienced, long-time Cardi breeders, and received many nice compliments on the litter, which gives me the warm-n-fuzzies.  It’s great to know that they are quality puppies, in addition to being just so cute and sweet and om-nom-nomable.

I would also like to take the opportunity to express thanks for another blessing.  This has been an absolutely terrific dog show summer.  At each cluster, the Cardi Clan has gotten together for good meals and great times together.  It is a truly rare and special gift to be part of this group of wonderful people who support and cheer for one another, despite being competitors.  I love and appreciate each and every one of you.  This camaraderie is what makes our hobby the best.

Congratulations to Paula O’Donnell on finishing Capri and for Ciera’s (spelling?) win; to Penny Robichaud for finishing her Smooth Dachshund Jorgia with a Best of Breed win; to Cheryl Black for Jorgia’s championship (as Jorgia’s breeder) and for Dublin’s BOB on Sunday; to Nancy Cunliffe for Sullivan’s BOB; to Lorrie Blockler (honorary Cardi person) for picking up some more points on her Brittany boy Simon; to Pixie Lauer for Megan’s Selects and Lucy’s Reserve; and to Melanie Chiappone (the puppies’ other Grandma) for Calvin’s Selects over the weekend.  Great work, everyone!!

Rain and Heathcliff.  They're clearly stressed out about the move.

Rain and Heathcliff. They’re clearly stressed out about the move.


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