Pupdate 8/26/13: Chunky Monkeys

red brindle snuggle smother - Copy

Honestly, it’s getting a little embarrassing.  I mean, I’m glad Whiskey is taking such good care of her babies, and it’s good to know that when/if she has a larger litter she’ll be able to feed all of them, but seriously:





I swear to doG, I am NOT supplementing these puppies in any way.  Over the weekend, I started keeping Whiskey out of the puppy room for a few spells of 2-3 hours each in an effort to keep the babies from looking even more like Jabba the Hut than they already do.  Despite the amount of work, I’m actually looking forward to getting them weaned in a couple of weeks so I can have a little more control over their intake.

Everyone got their toenails clipped over the weekend, and got to meet their aunts and uncles.  Magnum LOVES the puppies.  Saphira is very intrigued.  Ian and Elli gave them each a cursory sniff and a polite “no thank you.”  Lots of snuggle time and belly scritchins were had.

Scents over the weekend included dark chocolate (no tasting allowed), coconut oil, cider vinegar, and corn-on-the-cob.


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