Pupdate 8/22/13: Faces!!

Second attempt to get some pictures of puppy faces.  Perhaps slightly less blurry than the birthday photos.


Rain face 4 days old

She hasn’t quite mastered the art of sneering elegantly down her nose, but she practices daily.


Heathcliff face 4 days old

I adore his little fairy kiss.  It receives an inordinate number of kisses from yours truly as well.


Tryst face 4 days old

If her coloring stays the same as it is now, she’ll have a nice dark mask on her face, in contrast with the bright red brindle.  I think she’s going to be a pretty girl.


Edgar face 4 days old

I wasn’t able to capture his bright brindle points very well.  He just would NOT keep his face turned toward the light.  Opinionated little buggers!

Yesterday’s scents were coffee and lemon juice.  Edgar and Rain both licked at the coffee, but were unimpressed with the lemon.  Tryst wanted no part of either one.  Heathcliff licked at them both, because of course he did.  Oddly, he did not have as much of a weight gain as his siblings for the day, though he is certainly roly-poly enough.  I think it’s because he is the most active one, doing laps around the whelping box under cover of the pig rail.  Busy boy!

My only battle at this point is fleas.  All of my adult dogs have been Frontlined and Capstarred, my house has been professionally treated by Modern Pest Control, I vacuum, and STILL I’m finding an errant flea here and there!!!  I think at this point the damn things have become immune to all of man’s weaponry against them, and they are as we speak mounting an attack on the United Nations on their way to taking over the world.  I’m keeping my flea comb at the ready, and I’m going over each puppy 5-6 times a day to make sure the pests are not making an easy meal of the babies.  Their bedding is being changed twice a day and blankets are washed after each use.  Short of burning down the house and starting over, I’m at a loss as to what to do.  I mean, it’s not like a flea here and there is an infestation, but jeez!


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  1. Look into using diatomaceous earth for flea control. I don’t know if it could be used on the puppies bedding but definitely on the adult’s, your carpets and yard. It’s an all-natural, chemical free method that works well.

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