Pupdate 8/20/13

Stealth nipple-attack from the rear

Stealth nipple-attack from the rear

The little Goths are doing magnificently.  They are a lively, feisty bunch, and they are growing like little weeds.  Everyone was over a pound at the morning weigh-in today!

I started the early neural stimulation exercises on Sunday.  These include placing the puppy in different positions, such as on their backs, head upright, and head facing downward for 4-5 second each, touching their feet, and exposing them to a cold sensation for a few seconds.  Because puppies’ eyes and ears don’t open until they are around two weeks old, their senses are limited to touch, taste and smell, so by touching them a lot and changing their body positioning/orientation, I’m engaging their little developing brains.

The wee little feetsies are TO DIE FOR

The wee little feetsies are TO DIE FOR

Another idea that occurred to me when Kate had Koosh in the winter was to do some scent stimulation with the wee ones.  Since smell is a dog’s strongest sense, it made “scents” to me to engage it at the outset.  So, the puppies had their first scent stimulation exercise yesterday.  The first scent was fingernail polish remover.  The second was vanilla.  I would have expected the polish remover to garner the stronger reaction, but all of the puppies merely showed curiosity at the smell.  They reacting more strongly, and more adversely, to the vanilla.  My assumption is that the alcohol in the vanilla is what put them off.

It is fascinating to me that, even at a day or two of age, there are little differences in personality already.  Edgar does funny little things; Rain is a Princess-In-Training; Tryst is a sweetie, and Heathcliff is the foodie (though Edgar holds the heavyweight title again today).  It is SO HARD to come to work with the baby doglets at home.

A little mother-daughter tete-a-tete

A little mother-daughter tete-a-tete


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  1. katy upson I am hoping to return with Dundee, please let me know the date of the next year event. Katy and Dundee

    These puppies are wonderful. As to sent stimulation, it’s great that you get them going early. Chester is very sensitive to nail polish remover and Swiffer floor cleaner. He shows this by rolling around on the floor as if trying to pick up the sent! Hummmm. Have fun, Katy

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