They’re here!!

Family portrait

The Goths are here!!

First of all, I’ll apologize for the crappy quality of the photos.  A cell-phone camera, combined with wiggly puppies, did not produce great art.  Better photos when I can either get my camera to work in a satisfactory manner, or can whine until someone else comes and takes better pictures.

Introducing, in their order of appearance into the world:

Kaleidoscope Dark N Stormy Night  “Rain” —  Dark brindle girl.   Rain came into the world screeching, and shows absolutely EVERY sign of being that Princess McBossypants I was talking about.  She weighed in at 11 ounces even at birth.

Rain face Rain side Rain top

Kaleidoscope Windy Moor  “Heathcliff”  —  Red brindle boy.  Heathcliff weighed in at 12.3 ounces, and immediately set about trying to gain some more weight.  Food, food, and food are his three favorite things.

Heathcliff face Heathcliff side Heathcliff top

Kaleidoscope Illicit Affair  “Tryst”  —  Red brindle girl.  Tryst was 11.9 ounces at birth.  Her favorite activities include trying to steal whichever nipple Heathcliff is on at the moment.

Tryst face Tryst side Tryst top

Kaleidoscope Tell-Tale Heart  “Edgar”  —  Black (!!!) brindle-pointed boy.  Whiskey saved the biggest, and most surprising, for last, with Edgar weighing in at 12.9 ounces.  I figured that Calvin carried black, but I was a little surprised, after three brindle pups, to see a black one appear.  Apparently Whiskey carries black too!!  Good to know!!

Edgar head shot Edgar side Edgar top

No, you are not required to keep those names — either registered or call names — if you are getting one of these puppies.  Those are just what they will be registered as if they happen to be my keeper, and what they’ll be called in lieu of “Puppy puppy” until they go to their new homes.  The only required element in naming is my kennel prefix.  But if you want to keep with the gothic theme, I’ll love you forever and ever, even more than I already do.  🙂

Whiskey was not exactly stoic about the whole delivery thing, but she did a great job, and is being a good mom to the little goths.  More when I am not cross-eyed and exhausted.


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  1. AWWW. All nice-looking puppies. Good job Whiskey!

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