Themes and Memes

Okay.  I was going to save this litter theme for a litter that I was confident would produce blacks, but I really like it, and there are several names I would be happy with.

SO.  Whiskey and Calvin’s litter theme is:

Gothic “Litter”ature

Here is a list of names/call names I’ve come up with so far, based on common memes within that genre.  Please feel welcome to comment and add to it, either here in the comments (which are moderated, so there might be a lag time before it shows up), or in the Facebook comments when I cross-post.

  • Kaleidoscope Penny Dreadful — “Penny
  • Kaleidoscope Mossy Manse — “Moss
  • Kaleidoscope Secret Passage — “Alley
  • Kaleidoscope Hidden Staircase — “Riser
  • Kaleidoscope Ancient Prophecy — “Sybil“, “Cassandra
  • Kaleidoscope Omens and Portents — “Crow
  • Kaleidoscope Impending Doom — “Moira
  • Kaleidoscope Howling Wind — “Storm“, “Zephyr
  • Kaleidoscope Rusty Hinge — “Squeak“, “Rusty
  • Kaleidoscope Unrequited Love — “Lorne
  • Kaleidoscope Damsel in Distress — “Clarissa
  • Kaleidoscope Ancestral Curse — “Voodoo
  • Kaleidoscope Flickering Candle — “Flicker
  • Kaleidoscope Vendetta — “Etta
  • Kaleidoscope Illicit Affair — “Tryst
  • Kaleidoscope Suite of Armor — “Steel
  • Kaleidoscope Tolling Bell — “Chime“, “Toller
  • Kaleidoscope Superstition — “Lore
  • Kaleidoscope Inquisition — “Query
  • Kaleidoscope Exorcism — “Blair
  • Kaleidoscope Nevermore — “Raven

Got some I missed?  Holler!!



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  1. Ok, as the owner of a dog named Moira, I object to ‘Impending Doom.’ 🙂

  2. Kaleidoscope Blackwood – “Willow”

  3. How about … Kaleidoscope Eerie Housekeeper – “Mrs. Danvers”
    Kaleidoscope Deadly Secret – “Secret”
    Kaleidoscope Dashing Hero – “Heathcliff”

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