50 Shades of Brindle

Last Friday dawned… uh, bright and clear?  Kinda cloudy?  I don’t really remember — I was too excited to be taking Whiskey for her big date!  I wondered if we might be a little bit early, but Mel did a vaginal swab and we took it to the vet’s office where she works to check it under the microscope.  Over 90% cornification (and no, I will never look at Corn Flakes in quite the same way again), so it was a go!!!

Cut to Melanie’s place, the scene of romance:  A sunporch.  A table.  A non-skid welcome mat.  A bunch of tubes and syringes.  A girl in season.  A cat for distraction. And an exceedingly gentlemanly boy dog.  Whiskey rumbled once when Calvin first came into the room, and that was all it took.  Despite our coaxing and calls of “Good boy,” he insisted that “No means no” and he was not going to touch her.

Fortunately, Amanda came over to assist, and between the three of us we got a breeding done the hard way.  I’ll spare you the gory details.  Suffice it to say the words “Monica Lewinski” were uttered.  Need I say more?  But in any event, a breeding took place.

(Not the actual mat.  That would be tacky.)

(Not the actual mat. That would be tacky.)

On Sunday, it was Whiskey’s turn to play hostess to her man.  She was much more accommodating in her own home, and the two played and flirted and ran and danced in the back yard for a good amount of time.  (Does that make me a “back-yard breeder?”)  But alas, no amount of flagging could penetrate Calvin’s Nice Guy armor. Again with the tubes and syringes and sex rug.  I would have preferred a live cover, but hey, whatever works!!

So, now we cross our fingers and pray.  Everyone think good puppy thoughts!!!

[Disclaimer]  I could have made this post much funnier, but I didn’t want to embarrass Melanie and Amanda after all of their help.  Keeping it PG! 


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  1. a friend and i had a similar date between our two rabbits. i hope you have better luck — no bunnies resulted

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