The Best Laid Plans…

…will generally go awry when you are dealing with a bitch and her heat cycles.  Whiskey decided to jump the gun on the whole thing and came in a month early.  SO:  I will be breeding her this month and, the Puppy Gods willing, will be having puppies in August now, rather than September!  Calvin is picking out his cologne and will be coming down this weekend for some romance.  Stay tuned!

"Silly human, making plans!"

“Silly human, making plans!”

Litter page:


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  1. Joy Chamberlin

    I’m telling you again—you SHOULD be a writer—-have your own column in some newspaper or magazine. make lots of money and have yet more and more cardigans!!!!What a talented ” way with words” woman you are. Enjoyed your Kate musings. and no, I do not have a room for rent….she sounds too much like me. Remember I am the sister that when my siblings came to visit, one of them brought her carpet shampoo machine along in the back of her SUV. And the first thing she did after saying “hi there”, was to use it.


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