Flamingos and Firsts

Wow, super fun weekend in W. Springfield, MA!  This was my first road-trip with Melanie Hersom and Kristle Dougherty, and it was a blast.  I’m not sure how much sleep we got Saturday night, but we had a lot of laughs.  We even got Cheryl Black in on the fun via Facebook.

Melanie’s girl Jewel (Jule?) is super cute, especially with her new friend, George:

Jule and George

I told Mel I expected lots of Facebook posts about The Adventures of Jewel and George.  *tap tap tap*  I’m still waiting, Mel…

The weekend also featured another first for me:  A Group placement!!  Lexi took Best of Breed out of a large entry and then floored me by earning the first Group placement I’ve had, a Group 4.  (This was NOT Lexi’s first Group placement.)  On Sunday, she was very distracted and did not help herself out at all.  The judge really liked her and I think would have given her the breed if she had only behaved a little better.  She ended up with Select instead, which at least allowed me to get home in time for the Super Bowl.  Lexi is a hell of a mover, and once I’ve had the opportunity to work with her a little more I think she could be a ton of fun to show; unfortunately, I think she should be in season before the next set of shows.  Alas, the duties of motherhood call.

Saphira continued to show well, but played bridesmaid to her sister, Merida, this time around.  These judges were looking for a larger bitch, and Saphira looks like a tiny thing next to her siblings, so it is what it is.  Maybe next time.  🙂

Kristle showed Calvin, a litter brother to Panda, whom she finished last month in January.  A very promising youngster, Calvin was WD and BOS on Saturday for his second major at just 10 months of age.  It sounds like Calvin will soon be making his home with Melanie.  I’m delighted to have him living just an hour and a half away or so; he has a TON of bone and a head-piece to die for, two things I’ll be looking for down the line.  He is also dripping in breed type.  I can definitely foresee using him on one of my girls in the future.

The next set of shows will likely be in April.  Darn these cold, slow, dog-show-deprived winter months!


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