The New Arrival

Lexi in the snow

Lexi is in da house!!

You know what’s great about family getting together around the holidays?  The resulting ability of said family to transport dogs for people!  Oh, yeah, and love and tradition and all that crap too.  But mostly the transport of dogs.  I kid!  (mostly…)

So yeah, Lexi will be hanging out here and getting to know everyone for the next couple of months while we wait for her to come into season and have her big date with Nash the FedEx box.  One thing I can tell you already is that she is perhaps the most happy-go-lucky Cardigan I’ve met.  She doesn’t just walk around the house, she bounces.  She doesn’t just get up on the couch with you; she bounds up into your lap and kisses your face enthusiastically.  Lexi came into a house with 3 other intact bitches — one with a 3 week-old puppy and another in standing heat — and slid right in like she’s been here forever.  And she’s even a good bed dog!  (I can, however, see that she and Ella will no doubt be Up To No Good as soon as Ella discharges her maternal duties.)

With everything I’ve heard about Nash, and seeing this girl in action, I expect that the puppies in this litter are going to have outstanding temperaments AND good looks.  Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Lexi side

Lexi and Ella



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