Happy New Year!

The two winners (and half-siblings), sacked out

The two winners (and half-siblings), sacked out


I had hoped to pepper this post with lots of fun candid photos from the show, but apparently that little flashing SD card symbol on my camera DID mean something.  Who knew?

Do y’all remember that iPod commercial where the guy is walking casually down the street listening to tunes, but his reflection in the windows behind him is dancing madly?  That’s me at work this morning.

This weekend was one of those that is like premium crack to us dog show junkies, the kind that keeps us riding high and filling out entry forms right and left for months.  Saphira went into the weekend with 4 single points; she came out of it with 12 points and both majors.  And she’s only been shown six times!

Even better than the result (yes, there are things that are better than winning) is the joy of taking this dog into the ring.  She is a natural showgirl.  She free-stacks like a beast, she wags her tail, gives ears, plays cutely during the “down time,” and absolutely dares the judge not to pick her.  You can’t train that kind of charisma into a dog;  either they have it or they don’t.  And this girl has it — in spades!  If the wonderful comments I received from folks outside the ring are any indication, she gathered quite a fan club for herself.

I am so, SO grateful to Cheryl Black for giving me this opportunity to co-own and show this lovely bitch.  Her future is looking mighty bright!

Congratulations as well to:

  • Kristle Dougherty, for finishing Saphira’s half-brother Panda this weekend.  He is her first Cardigan bred-by Champion out of her first Cardigan litter, and I expect we’ll see him back out in the Specials ring once he’s finished growing up.  Meanwhile, he gets to relax at home while his litter brother comes out to play.
  • Liz Lewis on Collin’s two Best of Breeds over the weekend.
  • Eliza Denoux on going Winners Dog on Sunday with Filbert.
  • and finally, to Cheryl Black, for breeding or co-breeding all of the final winning line-up (Breed, Opposite, BOWs and Selects) both days.

What a terrific way to usher in 2013, guys!


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  1. Congrats on such a successful weekend!

    I think we all win just enough to keep us coming back. It never fails, just as I am becoming very discouraged on the road to Jimmy’s MACH, I’ll have a double-Q weekend. Hope springs eternal and I try again!

  2. Congratulations, Dawn! And thank you for your kind words! ~Eliza

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