Those of you who have had the fortune (or misfortune, take your pick) of meeting us in person know that Kate and I like to entertain ourselves by giving each dog a voice and talking for them.  It’s a constant source of amusement, which means that we:  a) really need to get a life; b) we’re easily amused; and/or c) we have I-S-S-U-E-S.

ANYway, each of the dogs has developed their own set of catchphrases.  Elli likes to point out, in her Southern belle accent, that she wants nothing to do with “all these animals.”  (She’s a person, you see.  Just ask her, she’ll tell you.)  Ian often points out that he knew so-and-so was going to kill us all.  Saphira is a happy, sweet little thing who will enthusiastically point out, at any given opportunity, that she loves popcorn.  Magnum… um, well, we can’t repeat a lot of what he says.

And then there’s Whiskey.  Whiskey’s voice came to us about 30 seconds after she arrived, fresh from the airport, with Kathy Glover.  She has a high, girly voice, but she can be rather elitist, pointing out that other dogs are not very classy, etc.  Right now, Whiskey is in the heart of a very awkward adolescence.  Hormones are raging, she looks leggy and awkward, she’s had The Big Shed so she’s nekkid, and she is taking teenage brattiness to whole new canine levels.  One of her new angry-adolescence catchprases is “I’m gonna cut a bitch!”  Not content to try and just boss the other dogs around, she also thought she’d mouth off at me and Nate.  We had a couple of long, loooooooooong talks about life in the wake of that.  I think she was sufficiently chastised.  She gave major stank-face (and NO ONE gives stank-face like this bitch), but she was chastised.

Also, I present to you Exhibit A:

What used to be a square-cut opening around a junction box

What used to be a square-cut opening around a junction box

Whiskey was not at all destructive as a puppy; she is more than making up for it as a teenager, however.  So, in an effort to contain the beast, she and Saphira (or, as Whiskey likes to call her, “Minion“) have to stay in the Princess Playhouse when no one is home:


Sounds reasonable.  Toys to play with, beds to lie on, water, and no way to do any major damage.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, there’s this:



Yes, that’s a steak knife.  I found it under the dog bed when I moved it to straighten things up.


No, I don’t know how it got there.  Near as I can figure, it was on the table next to the ex-pen, and someone managed to get it down.  There was also this:



I’m thinking maybe we need to strike the phrase, “I’m gonna cut a bitch!” from Whiskey’s lexicon; she’s taking it a little TOO much to heart!

All things considered, though, I really can’t complain.  I have a small house and a growing dog-pack that gets along remarkably well when you take into account that everyone except Elli is in possession of his or her family jewels.  The result is a lot of dog piles, most of the time on or next to us.


Piled on the couch between Nate and me

Piled on the couch between Nate and me


Nate, under seige

Nate, under seige

Photos inserted gratuitously for no other reason than OMG Teh Cute!:


Ian and Saphira being sweet


…and spooning. I think The Red Thing is secretly Ian’s favorite.


Elli, STILL Over It

The Red Thing, so adorable when she's sleeping.

The Red Thing, so adorable when she’s sleeping.

...and even MORE adorable when she's awake.  Seriously, Cutest Dog Ever

…and even MORE adorable when she’s awake. Seriously, Cutest Dog Ever

Though Mag is pretty cute too, especially when he's being all cuddly with Dad.

Though Mag is pretty cute too, especially when he’s being all cuddly with Dad.

Cute squared.

Cute, squared.

I’m sure you’re thinking it must take a lot to keep this crew fed.  You’d be right.  Exhibit B:


30 (or maybe it was 50) pounds of chicken necks, just one of the items in our $200 raw meat order.  There was also a big box of duck necks, 30 pounds of ground duck, 30 pounds of ground turkey, 30 pounds of ground beef, and a tube of raw green tripe.  Or thereabouts.  So, basically, a shit-ton.  Thank Dog for the chest freezer.

But, well-fed pets are happy, healthy pets.  And when you’re happy, you make rainbows.

rainbow of corgis

May all of your homes be as happy as this one!


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  1. Great post! And with all the fun pictures, the thing that caught my attention was the expression on the cat’s face in the shot with the chicken necks. That made me laugh!

  2. The knife thing made LOL!

  3. So PRETTY! And hilarious =) Who’s the guy at the far left in the last pic? Yours too?

  4. Of COURSE Ian likes the Red Thing best. He’s being true to his red roots :

  5. I missed this until now….yes, WTFingF on the knives??

  6. I am so jealous! ❤ My husband has limited me to two corgis (sad sigh). We have two pembrokes, but I suspect that Baxter is a cardigan with his tail lobed off….? Anyways, your doggies are gorgeous and beautiful and make me smile immensely 😀 (I'm seriously not a weirdo, I promise… I just really love corgis)

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