Oops, I Did It Again…

Littermates.  Left to right: Saphira, Bowen and Carrigan

Well, to the surprise of probably no one who has actually met me, Saphira — AKA “Red Thing” — came back home with me after the Fitchburg shows.  Thanks to Cheryl Black’s generosity, she will be co-owned by me and become part of the Kaleidoscope pack, thereby completing the Cardigan color set.  I swear, I’m one camera crew away from being my own episode of Animal Hoarders!

Whiskey’s nose was horribly out of joint for a few days after her arrival, but she has since decided that she likes having a minion.  The two are practically inseparable now, and Whiskey is having a grand time urging the naive newcomer to do things that she knows are naughty, and then coming to tattle on the puppy.  She is evil.  (And God, I adore that bitch!)

Red Thing made her ring debut this weekend, picking up a major Reserve to her litter sister Carrigan on Saturday, and winning her class on Sunday over that same sister.  With six-month-old puppies, I consider any ribbons to be simply gravy; the important thing is for them to get ring experience and to have a good time.  In a very noisy, crowded building, she walked around the ring with confidence, wagged her tail, was a real trooper on the table, and even started to pick up on free-stacking.  I absolutely couldn’t be happier with her first weekend out.

Thing’s brother, Bowen, is a CHARACTER.  He trotted around the ring all “Hi!  Hi, I’m Bowen!  Hi!  Thanks for coming, everyone!”  If he’d had hands, they would have been waving to the crowd.  You couldn’t help but be charmed by him. The judges apparently agreed — he was Reserve WD on Saturday and Winners Dog on Sunday.  A great start for these three red siblings.

Next stop:  The Thanksgiving shows in Springfield.




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