Mission… Possible? Maybe?

During the Labor Day weekend shows in Union, Maine, I made it a point to take each of my dogs to watch Group with me one day, so they all got a one-on-one outing with Mom.  When Paula saw Ian, she asked me who he was, so I made the introductions, etc.  She had me put him up on the table, move him around, and then asked why I hadn’t finished him. I explained about his injury and how he had this fault and that fault and I didn’t like this and so forth, basically nitpicking him apart like I tend to do with ALL of my dogs because I’m the absolute harshest critic of my own dogs.  I also said it would be a little embarrassing to haul a 6 year-old dog into the classes.

And Paula?  Told me she thought I was being “too picky.”  No, seriously:  Paula O’Donnell, of all people, told me I was being too picky.  I put it right on the calendar when I got home!

So, since I don’t have a class dog or bitch at the moment, perhaps I’ll enter Ian at the fall shows along with Magnum (boys weekend out!) to see if he can pick up those last two singles.  I mean, the worst that can happen is he can be excused from the ring for lack of merit, right?  (Been there, done that, survived the experience.)  Who knows?  Maybe — just maybe — I can pull off a hat trick and finish a third champion this year.

Fingers (and paws) crossed, everybody!


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  1. I’ve looked at his pictures and thought the same thing…then assumed it was the injury. Find the nice things and for us on those before you walk in with him….the attitude and confidence will make all the difference. Trust me, I’ve finished dogs with far more glaring faults.

  2. You know his grandpa finished 6 weeks before his *8th* birthday, right? If anything, Sam being more mature was a benefit to us in the classes. He had obvious maturity over the dogs in the puppy classes. Get Ian back in the show ring!

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