Labor Day Weekend shows

On the move. Photo by Kate Roberson.


Entering an 11-month-old bitch as a Special isn’t really the best idea, but since Whiskey finished the weekend before, and I had already sent in the entries, I went ahead and moved Whiskey up to Best of Breed at the shows in Union this past weekend.  Or, I moved her up for three of them, anyway; I didn’t get there in time to do so on Thursday.  Oops.

Since the other person showing a class bitch asked me to go ahead and put her in the classes to make a point, I did, and Whiskey ended up with a bumper win and point.  She then went Best of Winners to her litter brother, Easy (Telltail Baewyn Speakeasy) and Best Opposite to her dad, Dickens (GCH Twinroc Santa Paws).  Whiskey continued to go Best Opp to her Dad all weekend, and Easy won Friday and Saturday as well to finish his championship a week after his sister.

It was wonderful to get to see Easy, and to see Dickens again in person.  The resemblance between Whiskey and her brother was uncanny.  We kept mixing them up when we looked quick!  I had a great time chatting with Paula and, as always, learning more from her about structure, handling, etc.  She was very pleased with how Whiskey has matured, which made me really happy — I thought she was nice, but it’s good to know that it wasn’t just my bias.

I fear that I may, however, have created something of a monster:  It was wet and showery on Friday, so I carried Whiskey over to the main tent and set her in my chair.


That was all it took for Whiskey to decide that the chair was indeed her god-given right, and every time she got near it for the rest of the weekend she immediately hopped up into it and looked down imperiously, surveying her kingdom.  Her royal self was HIGHLY offended when I not only made her get out of “her” chair on Sunday, but also made her go around the ring in the POURING RAIN!!!  SOMEone is becoming quite the little princess.

I’ve since been informed that, before Whiskey begins her Specials career in ernest, she will require this, purchased especially for her, and embroidered with her name on it:


(Her diamond tiara is on back order.)


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  1. Dyson did it first, but Whiskey can sure join the group now! Congrats to her and her brother and father!

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