Oops. And, future plans!

It appears Darth Betta is down to one lone minion.  I thought that all were lost, but just a few minutes ago I discovered a lone shrimp traipsing across the tank.  Since I haven’t found any little shrimp carcasses, I assume that the others made a fine shrimp dinner.  I don’t know where the last of them hides, but he apparently does a good job of it.

I clearly neglected an important detail when researching the crystal shrimp:  size of juveniles.  Had I done a better job, I would have known to get adult size shrimp — too big to fit in a betta’s mouth — rather than the 1/2-inch juvies.  Important (and expensive) lesson learned.

The face of a killer

In light of that failure, and also because I stuck my foot in my mouth by going on Facebook and flapping my (metaphorical) gums about my disdain for people acquiring pets without first learning about them and how to care for them properly (sorry, shrimp!), I decided to do penance by being productive and proactive, and put my time and effort where my mouth is (fingers are?  Oh, whatever!):  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing a weekly Friday post that highlights a specific animal.  I’ll include all of the basic information on it, where to acquire one and how to care for it, as well as links to particularly useful resources.

First up:  The Betta Fish.  Look for the inaugural installment of Nature’s Kaleidoscope:  Dawn’s Guide to Choosing And Caring For Your Pet here tomorrow!


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  1. I am fairly certain Darth Bettta would like for you to do that again.

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