Now that the office tank has had some time to cycle, I added some minions for Darth Betta:


These are Crystal Shrimp.  There were supposed to be 3 black and 3 red, but it looks more like 5 red and 1 reddish-black to me.  Maybe they’ll sort themselves out a little more when they get bigger; they should top off at 1-1.5 inches.  Right now they are not quite half an inch.

Darth Betta took their inclusion about like this:


I was a little afraid that he might view his new minions as snacks, but so far he hasn’t eaten anyone.  He swims up to them and says, “Booga booga booga!!” and they say “Eek!” and then he goes back to flaring at his reflection in the filter box and telling himself what a big, bag, scary fish he is.

If there is any better office therapy, I have yet to figure out what it would be.


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