10-gallon tank, v2.0 and v3.0

Before Olivia’s untimely passing, I decided to redo the amphibian tank since I wasn’t happy with the waterfall feature.  I sincerely hope my aquatic version of “Design on a Dime” wasn’t what killed her.

Amphibian tank, v2.0

Waterfall, sans the tacky pre-made steps

Top view of the waterfall

The redesign allowed me to form a cave under the waterfall.

Some of the flora around the water feature

Olivia, before she shuffled off this mortal coil


Having been unsuccessful with the newt for whatever reason, I thought perhaps I’d put some firebellied toads in the amphibian set-up, but those are apparently illegal to sell in Maine.  Because Maine is ridiculous like that.

Since this was not really the size or shape of tank that I would ultimately like to have for a paludarium, I tore it down and re-purposed it as a fish tank.  The two zebra glowfish are borrowed from my Eclipse tank to get the nitrate cycle going.  Once it is establish, I’ll move them back to the Eclipse and turn this 10-gallon into a sorority tank for female Bettas.

10-gallon tank, v3.0

Had I but known, I wouldn’t have gone with an internal filter, but since I’m stuck with it, I thought some camouflage was in order

One thing that is important in a female Betta tank is having lots of hiding places and things to break up sight lines.  Though not as aggressive as the males Bettas, who cannot under any circumstances be housed with one another, the females will nevertheless nip at each other until they’ve established their pecking order, so they need to have lots of nooks and crannies to take a time-out in.

terra cotta caves

Rocks from the yard, AKA cheap decor


As much as I enjoy designing tanks and putting them together, I’d just as soon not have to re-purpose this one again too soon, so here’s hoping the tank cycles properly and the sorority gets off to a good start!


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