RIP, Olivia

Sadly, Olivia did not make it through the weekend.  I don’t know if the stress of being shipped did her in, or if it was the heat.  I did my best to keep the water in her tank cooled down, but it was hella hot Friday and Saturday, so maybe it was just too much for her.  Either way, she is no longer with me.  The hole in my checkbook however, created when I had to rush around and buy stuff to put together a habitat for her, remains for me to remember her by.

God-speed, Olivia.  I hardly newt you, but I’ll miss you all the same.



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  1. katy upson I am hoping to return with Dundee, please let me know the date of the next year event. Katy and Dundee

    Hi There, I love your stories and sorry about Olivia. Her passing should be “marked” and I am sure you will come up with something memorable. So, I have one of Sarah’s new puppies, Chester. He’s great, very smart, but he nips my heels when I am not looking, he thinks this is a game, I do not and don’t want to play. I am using Bitter Apple on my feet in the morning, but it does not seem to do much good. Any suggestions. Chester is a little over 3 months old. Thanks, Katy

    • Hi Katy,
      Sounds like Chester is showing good herding instinct! (I assume he’s doing this heel-nipping when you are walking around)

      Since you are not in fact a sheep to be herded, I would go ahead and give him a correction when he does that. Stop moving and give him a firm “No” or “Eh Eh!” When you start moving again, talk to him and see if you can draw his attention up to your face, get him to walk along beside you and give you, instead of your feet, the attention. That will also set him up nicely to learn more formal heeling on leash down the road. If he walks along and keeps his attention on you, lots of praise! If he starts nipping again, stop again and give another correction. Being a clever wee beastie, he should soon learn that praise and movement and fun happen when he pays attention; when he nips, the fun stops.


  2. Augustus Fink-Nottle would have been very sad at this news.

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