Sorority House — Take Two

Yesterday brought another impromptu meet-and-greet with Kathy, Jim, Ollie and Valentine, this time at Cascade Falls in Saco.  There aren’t much for trails yet, but there is a trail to the brook that runs below the falls.  It’s a very pretty, secluded spot, despite being not very far from the road.  Photos are courtesy of Kathy Glover.


I have a confession to make:  I am probably The Most Paranoid Dog Owner EVER.  I always worry about taking my dogs off leash when we are anyplace other than a fenced enclosure.  It’s not that they won’t come when called; they are generally very good about coming and checking in with me when we’re on an outing, particularly since I make sure to have treats in my pocket.  (Bribery > injured dog.)  But I just worry.  I worry about other loose dogs suddenly appearing.  I worry about a wild animal popping up and prompting my dogs to chase it.  I worry about them impaling themselves on the broken tree branches.  I worry about them running up to other people and jumping on them with muddy paws.

Basically, I’m a big ole worry-wart.

Elli: “But MOM! THEY get to run around off leash!” Me: “If they jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Elli: “Hell yeah!! Looks like a blast!” Me: “You’re kind of making my point for me.”

Kathy, Jim and Kate?  Not so much.  So Elli whined and cried and tugged on her lead and told me all about how it was so unfair and all the other kids got to do it and I’m so mean and I wouldn’t let her get her lip pierced and I’m the worst mom ever and she hates me!  Whiskey just grinned smugly and reminded me she’s The Good Dog.

So, I capitulated.  I took their leashes off, and Elli ran around the brook and the little clearing, happily walking across a tree that had fallen and sat suspended four or five feet above the water, showing off her agility skills.  Then she splashed after Ella into the water; THEN she tore around at full speed, leaping over rocks and branches and daring them all to chase her, sheer unadulterated glee writ large all over her face.

It was heaven.

Whiskey dipped her toes in the water and looked back for assurance that, yes, she is still The Good Dog.

Nobody took off.  Nobody suffered a catastrophic injury, or chased a woolly mammoth through the underbrush, or got eaten by a pitbull.  Okay, Elli DID jump on an innocent bystander, but the nice lady said she really didn’t mind, so I guess that wasn’t catastrophic either.

So maybe — maybe — I need to relax more and let my dogs just be dogs.

Fun and games weren’t the only reason for the meet-up, though.  Valentine has finally come into season, and I guess Jim is having trouble with his little girl becoming a woman, so Valentine is making her transition to adulthood in Maine for the next couple of weeks.  My mom graciously stepped in to rescue the boys from two weeks of blue balls frustration, so Ian and Magnum are staying with Grammy, and we now have the sophomore class of the Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority House in residence.

Here’s hoping that close proximity to Valentine will bring Whiskey in, so we can get that business over with!


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  1. katy upson I am hoping to return with Dundee, please let me know the date of the next year event. Katy and Dundee

    Sarah, this is such a great story, I love the pictures. As for the water issue, Dundee and I go to the beach frequently, she goes in the water all the time, but, like you, she is on a leash. I am a worry wart too. See you Sunday, by the way, your new house mates are very handsome, Katy

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