The Cape Crusade

Gorgeous, gorgeous day yesterday, so Kate arranged for us to meet up with Jim and Kathy for an impromptu Cardi party.  We met up at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.  Unbeknownst to us, there was a graduation ceremony/party going on there, so there were roughly 3,291,549 people, but they were mostly finished and clearing out by the time we arrived there for a walk and Chuck-It session.  Ella, Whiskey and Ian made the trip and met up with Valentine and Ollie.  We got lots of “What kind of dogs are those?” as we wandered around the park.

There was one area of rocky beach where the dogs could dip in to cool off.  Everyone except Whiskey availed themselves of it.  (All photos below courtesy of Kate.)


There is a lot of good walking at the park, and there’s even a field where dogs are allowed off-lead.  Though not fenced in, the area is pretty enclosed by the landscaping, and Jim kindly manned the Chuck-It.

Ollie, who is every bit the ball-hound that his mother Ella is.

Whiskey — not much for retrieving the ball, but she likes to chase the other dogs.

Much stripeyness


The dogs eventually wound down somewhat and it was time to go, but what summer outing would be complete without ice cream?

Scene from the Dairy Freeze parking lot.

Good to the last drop!

Handsome Ian, waiting his turn

They may not have been born with a silver spoon, but they think plastic is just fine.

“Uncle Jim is The Best!!!”


As lovely as the day was, I’ll admit to feeling some soul-crushing guilt that Elli and Magnum had to stay home.  This is where a multiple dog household is a distinct disadvantage.  I’m sure if I were a better disciplinarian then I could take 4 dogs on an outing without wanting to dive off of the nearest cliff, but Elli can be a handful on-lead, and Magnum is… well, he’s Magnum.  He’s kinda like taking 4 dogs all on his own.

I do truly believe that, for the average pet owner, two dogs is the ideal number:  They are company for one another when the humans have to be away, and they are a perfectly portable number when there is dogs-allowed fun to be had.  It definitely makes me think about how large — or small — a scale breeding program I’d like to have!


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  1. I LOVE the ice cream eating picture!

    I agree with you, two is about the best number….One dog for each hand. I’ve got a bad hankering for another dog, but the logistics seem to complicate exponentially!

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