And last, but certainly not least (unless you’re looking for color, that is):  Toller.  The fanciest of the fancy, Toller is decidedly NOT legal.  Conformation standard notwithstanding, however, I think he’s going to be very striking-looking, all grown up.  Of the bunch, I think he’s going to have the most Magnum-like head, and he’s got the closest coat of the lot.

“Show” side

“Off” side


Sure looks like a white dog from behind!

back view

Going about his day, one yawn at a time.

Checking it all out

And another yawn…

It’s hard work, being this stinking cute.

“Don’t you wish you were THIS cute?”

Admit it, you want to be the one squidging me.


Checking out the surroundings.

“Whatth that there?”

Though not timid or shy, this puppy was a little bit more reserved than his brother, and just an absolute sweetheart.  I want to see pictures of him as he’s growing up, because I think he’s going to look very neat.

And here’s hoping that the pups aren’t quite so spaghetti-like when we go back for the 8-week puppy party.  Stay tuned!!


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