Puppy Palooza

As if the 4-week old Cardi puppies weren’t enough cuteness, Linda brought her 6-week old basset puppies over AND I DIED!!!!!!!!  OMG, there is NOTHING cuter than a Basset Hound puppy!!  I give you incontrovertible proof:

Mirra might argue with that, however.  Oh hell, who am I kidding?  Mirra would argue ANYTHING.

“Get him off me!!”


“OMG, why are you standing there taking pictures of this?!”

“May day! Blue merle down! We have a blue merle down!”

Corgi Basset Butts Drive Me Nuts!


Basset snugglies

“D’oh, what’s goin’ on here?”


“High five!”



Mexican stand-off:




“You let go.” “No, you let go.” “No, YOU…”



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  1. OMG what fun pictures.. Basset squeek toys pore babies…I few more weeks and I think the Corgis will give the Bassets a run for the money!! Tell kate that picture of Dyson pretty much says who he is. Great job on all the photos.

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