Pearl, along with Mirra, is one of the smaller girls.  Her keel is maybe a tad flatter than the others, and with all of her white frosting she’s one of the “fancy puppies,” but she’s super adorable, with the sweetest little face.

Standard disclaimer applies:  Stacking 4-week puppies = stacking cooked spaghetti.  Pearl wasn’t terribly cooperative about this whole table thing, and would not stretch out, hence her looking roachy, which she really isn’t.

“Show” side

“Off” side


As you can see, not as much prosternum as Mirra.

With my mom, her “Great-Grammy”

Once Pearl woke up, we had a little play session, which mostly amounted to her climbing over my leg and back.

Looking for an agility career? Maybe?

Who, me?


What a sweet, pretty little girl:

Looking pretty

“I surrender!”


Seriously adorbs, here

Certain folks can say what they want to about the breed having “too much white” now, but I for one like all the white flashing.  If you’re looking at the illustrated standard, I think she would squeak by as legal for the show ring — though if I were going to show her I’d make sure I had a copy of the standard with me when I went to the show.

Sacked out



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