On Sunday, I had my first look at Magnum and Eva’s puppies, and as expected, the cuteness was nearly overwhelming.  Being me, I of course had to look the blue girl all over first.  In addition to being the only blue in the litter, she was also the one demonstrating the most personality on this particular day, talking and carrying on while all of the others were sacked out in the ex-pen.  Kate Roberson gets credit for ALL of the photos — Lord knows that if I had tried to take them, all we’d be seeing is some unfocused grass.

As you might expect, trying to “stack” 4-week old puppies is sort of like trying to stack cooked spaghetti, so these table photos are more just to show the pups from each side for markings, not to evaluate structure or anything, which is a guessing game at best in pups this age.

Here’s her “show” side:

As close to stacked as you get with a 4 week old puppy 

And the “off” side:

Off side

Not a table shot, but here’s sort of a look at her front:

Thinking up trouble

Like her dad before her, Mirra seems like kind of a little ham, though with a little more “edge” than Magnum, being as how she’s a girl.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Demille!”

Did I mention that Mirra has a lot to say?  Like, A LOT a lot?


The view from the back of the line, where Mirra fully expects everyone else will be:

From the back

Mirra’s pensive look:

Right profile

And her “I will have dominion over you all!” look:

Left profile

We’re debating whether Mirra’s left eye will be completely blue, or a broken blue.  The outside looks a little dark, so this eye may have a marbled appearance as she matures.  Her right eye we think will definitely be brown.

Behind bars, which is where this gal is likely to end up

When I saw this photo, I seemed to remember a similar one of Magnum when he was back with his litter and, sure enough, I found one:

“Be vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!”

Like father, like daughter

After a long, loooooooong time, Mirra did finally fall asleep — for a nanosecond or two.


Of the five puppies, Mirra seemed the most “Mag-like” to me in terms of personality.  A “little pistol” for sure.  I expect there are many years of fun and chaos ahead for this wee one!


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