Cinder is the third girl, and the largest of the three.  In fact, she’s the largest puppy in the litter, and was the first-born to boot.  I like the bone on her.  We’re debating whether she’s going to turn out fluffy or not.  My guess is she’ll have a “glamour coat” but not be a full-blown fluff.

“Show” side

“Off” side, with Cinder being NOT ALL ALL cooperative

Front — with a little help from the string cheese

Like most of her siblings, Cinder has a fairy kiss on the top of her head:

From the back

…and a beauty mark next to her nose.  Can’t you just die?

Hanging out

Not the drama queen that her sister is, when Cinder moves around she seems to have a mission in mind.

Things to do, places to go, people to see…

Important things, like munching on fingers.

Om nom nom tasty fingers

You can see from the top down that Cinder is the most conservatively marked of the bunch — no worries about needing an illustrated standard here.  Now, if only the wider part of her collar were on the show side…

What’s this red state vs. blue state business?

It’s “ruff” being the oldest.  Little sisters are just SO annoying.

“Seriously, Mirra?!”

Personality-wise, my overall impression was that Cinder was perhaps the most serious of the three girls, with her own opinion about things, but not overly pushy.  She didn’t carry on with the same histrionics as Mirra, but she had more “weight” to her, metaphysically speaking, than the sweet Pearl.  I’m very interested to see what she looks like when I go back for their 8-week evaluations.


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